With increasing demand for energy currently it becomes obvious for modern society that discovered fields are not enough to provide necessities in the future. Therefore there is urgent need to find new energy sources including the development of new oil and gas deposits.

In the search and development of non-standard hydrocarbon deposits those occur at the greater depths, traditional approaches are often inefficient, sometimes fail and involve unreasonable expenses. In the present-day world the problem to find alternative, innovative methods of exploration (more accurate and cost-effective) is urgent more than ever!

Rotor Company

International Concern ROTOR with direct involvement of employees of Russian Academy of Sciences is ready to render services for acquisition, processing and interpretation of geological data using unique technology of direct detection of hydrocarbons.

IC ROTOR was founded in Russia in 2000, and in 2001 the official representative office was opened in Ukraine. IC ROTOR in collaboration with Russian Academy of Sciences is the centre of scientific researches and technological development of passive technologies of monitoring. Our company is one of founders of direct hydrocarbon detection method. This technology was developed by the Company staff headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences Gennady Loshkarev in conjunction with Russian Academy of Sciences. The tasks can be solved by the team of highly skilled personnel of academic degree level to ensure high quality of works fulfilled. We have the most advanced technologies and innovative patented seismometers to monitor hydrocarbon deposits. The use of the latest generation seismometers allows performing the more accurate detection of hydrocarbons. IC ROTOR has been successfully applying the method of direct hydrocarbon detection for over 10 years; we have fulfilled significant projects in Russia, Ukraine and India.


The basis of our technology is acoustic geophysical method, the fundamental principle of which is connected with registration, recording and analysis of acoustic signals within the subsonic frequency range (0.01 - 20 Hz) inherent in hydrocarbon saturation of reservoir pore space.

The technology of direct indication for hydrocarbon saturation in reservoir is based on natural properties of oil and gas deposits which include some transformed energy with its own wave field. Figuratively speaking the wave field shines through ground surface the contour of hydrocarbon saturation deposits.

To study the microwave field the staff of Russian Academy of Sciences headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences I.P.Bashilov has developed special seismic station and seismic sensors with high-resolution that have no analogues inthe world.

Recently scientists of IC Rotor have developed and tested a new model for hydrocarbons detection based on the modern advanced theory of interactions in the interior of the Earth. The personnel of IC ROTOR have developed new unique equipment and fundamentally new mathematical models of digital data processing. The new method was successfully tested within several sites where it has shown its high efficiency and reliability. ROTOR Company has patented the new method and it intends in the nearest future to increase significantly the efficiency of detection of hydrocarbon deposits that is a new step in this field of science. The efficiency of the method is so high that it allows with certainty to detect the deposits in the very difficult conditions and at great depths. Accurate mathematical analysis multiplied by modern high-tech equipment together with the skilled experts allows obtaining the most accurate and reliable results in the shortest possible time and with minimum costs. Now the new method for hydrocarbons detection makes possible to work in such geological conditions and at such depths which only recently were not accessible to study.